The Embassy Holds Reception in Celebration of the 86th Anniversary of the Founding of PLA


On July 25, Major General XU Nanfeng, Defense Attaché of the Chinese Embassy, held a reception in celebration of the 86th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army of China. Ambassador Cui Tiankai was present at the reception and delivered remarks. Over 500 guests attended the reception, including Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Elaine Bunn, representatives of all services of the US military, government officials, foreign diplomats and military attaches, representatives from the overseas Chinese community and Chinese institutions in the US and senior diplomats from the Chinese Embassy.

In his remarks, Ambassador Cui Tiankai extended his warm congratulations on the 86th anniversary of the founding of the PLA. Ambassador Cui emphasized that China has all along pursued a defense policy that is defensive in nature. A solid national defense and strong armed forces which are commensurate with China's international standing and China's national security and development interests not only serve the fundamental interests of the Chinese people, but are also conducive to international and regional peace and stability. China-US military-to-military relations constitute an important component of the bilateral relationship. As long as the two sides work together based on the principle of "mutual respect, mutual benefit, reciprocity and mutual benefit", they will take China-US military-to-military relations to a new level and contribute to the efforts of building a new model of major countries relationship. Major General Xu Nanfeng reviewed China's efforts to modernize its national defense and armed forces as well as its positive contribution to world peace and stability. He stated that recent years have witnessed some positive developments in China-US military relations and the PLA will work together with its US counterpart to follow up on the consensus reached by the two Presidents, and push forward military to military relationship along the right track.

The guests commended PLA's accomplishments in the past 86 years, expressed respect for China's national defense policy that is defensive in nature and recognized China's contribution to international and regional peace and stability. They also expressed their wishes for further development of China-US military-to-military relations. The reception lasted about two hours in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


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