China Will Stick to Peaceful Development and Meet Changing Circumstances with Unchanging Commitment

On April 29, Ambassador Cui Tiankai attended the launching ceremony of the new logo for the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States of the Wilson Center. The new logo is constituted by Ambassador Cui’s calligraphy of the Chinese Character “基”.

Ambassador Cui said that the character “基” is the first character of the Chinese translation of Dr. Kissinger’s surname, it also means basis, foundation and fundamental. Dr. Kissinger and the older generation of Chinese leaders jointly opened the door to China-US relations, laying a solid foundation for the growth of this bilateral relationship. Over the years, Dr. Kissinger has followed and provided a lot of significant suggestions on the development of China-US relations, which is very important in maintaining the sound and steady development of this relationship. Ambassador Cui hoped that from the new starting point marked by the launch of the new logo, the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States will continue to contribute to the growth of China-US relations.

Ambassador Cui answered questions from the press after the event. He pointed out that the Chinese side has long had a thorough, comprehensive and sober understanding of the China policy of the United States. Our views will not be swayed by a single event or circumstances of the day. China has always been developing in a complex international environment. China will stick to the path of peaceful development and uphold peace, development, cooperation and win-win progress in the world arena no matter how the international environment changes. This policy will not be changed for any contingencies or incidents. In this sense, China will meet changing circumstances with unchanging commitment to peaceful development. On the other hand, if there are someone that hold on to the cold war mentality, attempt to contain China and hamper China’s development, China will not run short of countermeasures. In this sense, China will respond to the unchanged mentality and practices with changing tactics.


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