Strengthen China-US Cooperation on Global Security Challenges

On April 16, Ambassador Cui Tiankai attended International Conference on China-US Cooperation on Global Security Affairs, organized by National Institute for South China Sea Studies, in Washington DC. In his keynote speech, Ambassador Cui gave his views on China-US cooperation on global security challenges.

Ambassador Cui said, China and the Untied States have common interests in addressing global security challenges together and have shared responsibilities together with other countries to maintain international peace and stability. Communications and coordination between two countries on security issues, bilateral, regional and global,are making steady progress and becoming important building blocks for the new model of relationship that we are developing. However, measured against the needs to respond to changing situation of mounting challenges, measured against our responsibilities to cooperate on these issues and the real potential for such cooperation, what we have already achieved is clearly not sufficient. We have to do more and much better.

Ambassador Cui stressed that, the key for China and the US to cooperate on global security challenges is our mentalities and perceptions. Do we base ourselves on the new realities of the 21st century, or do we still believe that world should be run in the same way as the 19th century or the early part of the 20th century? Do we seek win-win cooperation among countries, or do we still play a zero-sum game? Do we advocate a new concept for security that stands for common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, or do we try to achieve one's own absolute security at the expense of others? Do we work together to build broad-based partnerships that will enable us to effectively confront the global issues for common interest, or do we still keep a narrow focus on Cold War type of alliances that actually restrict the vision, reduce the choices and will render the world more divided and less secure?

For China, Ambassador Cui said, the choice is clear. China will continue to pursue the path of peaceful development and the independent foreign policy of peace. China remains firmly committed to building a new model of relationship with the US, which is characterized by no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation. We hope that America will make the same right choice, break the constraints of unfounded worries, suspicions and fears, and join us in this common endeavor.


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