Ambassador Cui Tiankai Visits U.S. State of Utah


From October 4 to 8, Ambassador Cui Tiankai and his wife Madam Ni Peijun were invited to pay a visit to the State of Utah and met with Governor Herbert, the leadership of Utah State Senate and House, business and education communities. Ambassador Cui met with President Worthen of Brigham Young University (BYU) and gave a speech on China-U.S. relations to the faculty and students. Ambassador Cui also called on the local overseas Chinese and Chinese students in Utah. Minister Counselor Heng Xiaojun and Counselor Li Min of the Chinese Embassy accompanied Ambassador Cui and Madam Ni during the visit.


Governor Herbert warmly welcomed Ambassador Cui to visit Utah and said that Utah attached much importance to the exchange and cooperation with China. The economic and trade cooperation also promotes the friendship between the two peoples. Utah has the tradition of valuing culture and art and is willing to enhance the understanding of Chinese history and culture by strengthening the Chinese language teaching, which will facilitate the communication of the two sides. Ambassador Cui said that President Xi Jinping just paid a state visit to the U.S. with fruitful results and the visit brought China-U.S. relationship to a higher level. During the visit, President Xi attended the 3rd China-U.S. Governors Forum and placed high expectation on further strengthening sub-national cooperation between China and the U.S.. Utah hosted the 1st China-U.S. Governors Forum in 2011. Utah is also leading the Chinese language education among the U.S. states. The year 2016 will be the China-U.S. Tourism Year. Ambassador Cui hoped that Utah could give further play to its strengths and seize the opportunity to deepen the exchange and cooperation with China. The Chinese Embassy is ready to provide assistance to Utah to carry out exchange and cooperation with China.


Ambassador Cui met with the leadership of Utah State Senate and House of Representatives to discuss the exchange and cooperation between Utah Legislature and Liaoning Provincial People's Congress, China-Utah economic and trade cooperation, Chinese language teaching in Utah, etc.


Ambassador Cui attended the welcome luncheon hosted by the World Trade Center Utah and the Governor's Office of Economic Development to exchange views with the business community in Utah on China-U.S. economic and trade cooperation, Chinese market access, etc.


Ambassador Cui attended the welcome dinner hosted by the local overseas Chinese in Utah and encouraged them to get better involved in the local economic and social development, and to play a better role in bridging the China-U.S. friendly exchanges.


Ambassador Cui witnessed the Chinese language classes from Grade One to Grade Six of Cascade Elementary School and had cordial interaction with the teachers and pupils.


Ambassador Cui delivered a speech on China-U.S. relations in Brigham Young University to elaborate the necessity, positive results and better ways to promote China-U.S. cooperation. Ambassador Cui also answered a few questions from the audience.


BYU President Worthen welcomed the visit of Ambassador Cui and introduced the history of BYU and its cooperation with China. Ambassador Cui highly appreciated BYU's educational and cultural cooperation with China and encouraged BYU to continue the friendly exchange and cooperation with China.


Ambassador Cui called on the Chinese students in BYU and encouraged them to learn more professional knowledge, have a better understanding of the U.S., and serve as the friendship ambassador between the Chinese and American peoples.

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