Ambassador Cui and Students of the Embassy's Sunshine School
Send Best Wishes to US Cancer Boy



Over the past week a campaign called "#D-STRONG" has been gaining support from tens of thousands of people all over the world. Dorian Murray, an eight-year-old boy from Rhode Island, has been brave and strong-minded in battling cancer for more than three years. Recently he told his parents that he wanted to be known in China and visit the Great Wall. He thought it is a "kind of a bridge and people walk on it." Dorian's parents posted his wish on Facebook and gained warm feedback from China, the U.S. and many other parts of the world. Many Chinese people went to the Great Wall or other famous spots in China and held "#D-Strong" signs to send best wishes to Dorian.


Ambassador Cui Tiankai, embassy staff and children of the Embassy's Sunshine School were deeply moved by the story. The children worked hard to prepare a drawing of dragon-shaped Great Wall with the hashtag "#D-Strong". On Thursday, Ambassador Cui and the children chose to gather in front of the Chinese Embassy building and sent their best wishes to Dorian. The Embassy building is designed by renowned Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei and resembles the iconic structure of the Great Wall.

"Dorian, we all know you. We love you. Stay strong! " Cui and the children said their greetings to Dorian in a video. Cui said: "Dorian's courage is very inspiring. I sincerely wish that he could defeat cancer and fulfill his dream of visiting the Great Wall." He also sent a picture album of the Great Wall to Dorian on behalf of the Embassy and the children. The children said they were touched and encouraged by Dorian's story, and wanted to show their support for him in their own way. "I think Dorian is strong, brave and optimistic. I hope a miracle could happen, and I would love to climb the Great Wall with Dorian," said 8 year-old Pan Yufei, who sent his support and wishes with two pictures of the Great Wall. "The Embassy building resembles the Great Wall. I hope our message can bring him luck, strength and blessing," said 9 year-old Lv Yige. He added: "The Great Wall was originally built to resist invasion. I hope it could help Dorian battle the invasion of the disease."


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