Ambassador Cui Tiankai Attended the Screening of
Documentary Mr.Deng Goes to Washington



On November 16, 2016, the screening of documentary Mr. Deng Goes to Washington was held at the Meridian House in Washington D.C.. Ambassador Cui Tiankai spoke at the screening. Former US National Security Adviser Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Congressman Richard Larsen, President of US-China Education Trust Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch, President of the Meridian International Center Ambassador Stuart Holliday were present.

In his remarks, Ambassador Cui said, Mr. Deng Goes to Washington is a historical documentary about Mr. Deng Xiaoping's visit to the United States in 1979. This is a significant event in the history of China-US relations. It is important for us to turn back to history to be inspired anew and let the past help us better understand the present.

Cui said, There are 3 points we can learn from the past to further the China-US relations. First, we should build consensus and identify common ground. In the last four decades, leaders in China and eight presidents from both parties in the United States have all committed themselves to the development of China-US relationship, the policy for strong and stable ties with China has become a bipartisan consensus in the United States. Second, we should maintain continuity. Over the years we have developed effective formats for our leaders to carry out strategic dialogue. We have cultivated a culture of broadening cooperation and managing differences between us in a constructive manner. We have set up over one hundred mechanisms for dialogue and coordination on bilateral and international issues. We have also made good progress in military-to-military relations and people-to-people exchanges. These ties should continue and be strengthened. Third, we need creativeness. We are now living in a world of extraordinary change. we need to work more creatively to explore new areas, blaze new paths and open new horizons for future development of our relations. Our two countries have to show the world that we can overcome the trap of great power rivalry and become good partners in the 21st century.

Cui said, Mr. Deng's nine-day trip was a great success story for both of us. The picture of Mr. Deng putting on a cowboy hat at a Texas Rodeo has become a symbol of China-U.S. friendship. I firmly believe that with our joint efforts, we will continue to tell great success stories, carry on our great cooperation and build an even greater future together.


Dr. Brzezinski also delivered remarks. He shared some fond memories of Mr. Deng and working for the normalization of the US-China relations. He said, by establishing diplomatic relations with each other, the United States and China have changed the geopolitical landscape of the world. Today, the United States and China are the two leading nations of the world, we share the responsibility in responding to global challenges that threats the well-being of both sides and global stability.

Ambassador Cui and Dr. Brzezinski also took questions from the audience on the future development of the China-US relations.


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