Remarks by Ambassador Cui Tiankai At the 2017 Annual Gala Dinner of the China General Chamber of Commerce


Dr. Kissinger,

Mr. Xu Chen,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am grateful of the China General Chamber of Commerce for giving me this award. Your great Chamber is so strongly committed to a better and stronger relationship, not only the economic ties but also the overall relations between our two great countries. We are all grateful of the Chamber for your contribution and unique role in promoting this bilateral relationship.

I am particular privileged to receive this award from Dr. Henry Kissinger. No word is sufficient to express our gratitude to Dr. Kissinger. And I always believe the best thing for me of being the Ambassador here is to have the opportunity to listen to him and benefit from his wise counsel and guidance. I am also grateful of Mr. C.H. Tung for traveling all the way from Hong Kong to New York to honor us with your presence. Dr. Kissinger and Mr. Tung, you are my mentors in every sense of the world. Thank you so much.

I am also very happy to get together here tonight with so many good and old friends: Mr. Mike Bloomberg, Mr. Stephen Schwarzman, Rabbi Arthur Schneier and so many others. It is a great opportunity and a great pleasure for me to listen to your wise advice today as we embrace the new year and perhaps enter a new phase in China-U.S. relations.

Many people told me that there is a saying in Chinese, "We are living in an interesting times". I have to confess that I still don't know exactly what the Chinese equivalent is. But I think maybe we are witnessing some interesting times in today's world. Many people are concerned about the uncertainties in the world. And many are deeply worried about the chaotic situation here and there in many parts of the world. Some are beginning to question so many things that we have so far taken for granted. And some even have lost the sense of direction. They just don't know where the world is heading, and what kind of future we will have.

But I think for the Chinese people, we keep a clear sight of our goal. As President Xi Jinping pointed out, we should never forget our original aspiration, and we should carry on. This aspiration, or this goal, is the Chinese dream. It is the two centenary goals we set for ourselves. In order to reach these goals, we have made tremendous efforts for decades, and we have made great achievements. We have lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. We have made the Chinese economy the second largest in the world. We have strengthened ties with so many countries in the world, including the United States. And we are making steady progress on so many fronts.

Going forward, we still face tremendous tasks. We have to restructure our economy. We have to stay on the path of sustainable development. We have to fight corruption. We have to bring about a better environment. And we have to continue to develop friendly and mutually beneficial relations with all countries in the world.

That is why we have set the tasks for ourselves. We will complete our tasks in the next few years of building a relatively well-off society in all aspects. We will carry out more comprehensive reform measures. We will further improve the rule of law. And we will enforce more strict disciplines for the ruling party. These are the tasks we set for ourselves for the next few years and decades.

In order to accomplish these tremendous tasks, we need a stable, peaceful, and supportive international environment. For that international environment to be attainable, the key is our relationship with the United States. So we are firmly committed to an even better and stronger relationship with the United States. We are pleased with the progress we have achieved over the last few years. And we look forward to even closer cooperation and communications with the new U.S. administration to be sworn in in a few days.

We know there will be obstacles on the road ahead. But we are determined to overcome all potential difficulties, and develop a stronger, more stable and more productive relationship with the United States. This will serve the interests of both our countries. And this will certainly serve the interests of the world at large. Indeed, this is our shared responsibility to the global community.

On the Chinese side, we are firmly committed to that goal. And we are firmly committed to making continued efforts toward that goal. Of course, we also expect that the same would be done by the U.S. side. And we really look forward to a new kind of relationship, a new kind of partnership between China and the United States that is characterized by no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and mutual trust, and mutually beneficial win-win cooperation.

We are confident that we will be able to do that. But it calls for joint efforts from both sides. Hopefully, all people will make constructive contribution to that end. And perhaps I should suggest that some people be more careful and act in a more responsible way when they talk about possible disputes in other people's waters. Having the friendship of one foreign country should be encouraged for wining more friendship from all countries.

A few months ago, when AlphaGo defeated the world champion, many people worried that artificial intelligence might take our future from us. I believe we will never lose our future because of artificial intelligence. But we could lose our future, if we don't have the vision for a community of shared interests, if we don't have the political will and determination to move forward toward our goal.

I think our two great countries and our two great peoples should take the lead and show to the world that we human beings have the vision, wisdom, determination and capability to build a better world for everybody. Let's work together in that joint venture.

For that matter, we will continue to count on the guidance and wisdom from all the friends here and the contribution from the business communities in both countries. As for myself, I will continue to be your good partner and friend.

Thank you all very much.




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