Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on February 5, 2015

Q: The Foreign Ministry of the Philippines released a statement on February 4 saying that three Philippine-flagged fishing vessels were rammed and damaged by a Chinese coast guard vessel. The Philippine side has protested to the Chinese side. What is China's response to this?

A: The Huangyan Island is an integral part of China. The Chinese government vessel performs its duty and safeguards the normal order of waters off the Huangyan Island in accordance with the law. Upon checking with relevant authorities, we find out that on January 29, multiple Philippine fishing vessels illegally lingered at shallow waters off the Huangyan Island and disobeyed instructions from the Chinese side. The Chinese coast guard sent a dinghy to lawfully drive away the Philippine vessels, and the dinghy slightly rubbed against one of the vessels during its operation. The Chinese side urges the Philippine side to strengthen supervision and education of its own fishermen and prevent similar incident from happening again.

Q: Canadian citizens Kevin Garratt and Julia Garratt are detained in China on suspicion of stealing state secrets. What is China's comment on this?

A: Suspected of getting involved in activities that undermine China's national security, Kevin Garratt and Julia Garratt have been put under residential surveillance by the national security agency of Dandong, Liaoning Province of China starting from August 4, 2014. In alignment with relevant laws and regulations of China, the national security agency of Dandong, Liaoning Province held Kevin Garratt in criminal detention for suspected theft of and prying into state secrets and released Julia Garratt from custody on bail on February 3, 2015. Relevant authorities of China will deal with this case and ensure the rights and interests of people concerned in accordance with the law. The case is still under investigation at the moment.

Q: According to some Chinese media reports, the Islamic State has executed 120 members altogether in the last 6 months, including 3 East Turkestan members from China. Does China have any comment on this?

A: China is against all forms of terrorism. The Chinese side is willing to step up cooperation with the international community, jointly fight against terrorist forces including the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and safeguard security and stability of the region and the world.

Q: A cyber security adviser to the US government wrote in the US media that China is undermining the open Internet. Does China have anything to say on this?

A: Relevant remarks make no sense. China has an open network, and China's Internet has facilitated Chinese citizens and offered them a direct channel to exercise the right to know, the right to participate, the right to express and the right to supervise. The Chinese side also calls for improving the connectivity of the cyber space. Meanwhile, the Chinese side believes that all countries have the right to administer the cyber space in accordance with the law and the cyber sovereignty of all countries should be respected and maintained.

Q: ROK media reports say that while visiting the ROK, China's State Councilor and Defense Minister Chang Wanquan held talks with the ROK Defense Minister and expressed concerns over America's deployment of the THAAD system in the ROK. What position does China hold on this issue?

A: China holds a consistent and clear position on anti-missile issues. It is our belief that every country should keep in mind other countries' security interests and regional peace and stability while pursuing its own security interests.

We hope that countries concerned can properly deal with relevant issues in the larger interests of regional peace and stability and bilateral relations.

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