Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on February 17, 2015


At the invitation of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka will pay an official visit to China from February 27 to 28.

Q: Please give us more details about Foreign Minister Samaraweera's visit to China. What is China's expectation for the visit?

A: Foreign Minister Samaraweera is the first cabinet minister of Sri Lanka who is coming to visit China following the formation of the new government in January. Both sides attach great importance to the visit, during which Chinese leaders will meet with Foreign Minister Samaraweera and Foreign Minister Wang Yi will hold talks with him.

Sri Lanka and China are neighbors with long-standing friendship. The bilateral relationship boasts a solid political, economic and social foundation. There has been close communication and contact between China and Sri Lanka at the senior level, since the latter's formation of the new government. During the recent visit by Assistant Foreign Minister Liu Jianchao, the Special Envoy of the Chinese government, to Sri Lanka, he delivered the important message that the Chinese side values its relationship with Sri Lanka and stays committed to advancing friendly cooperation with Sri Lanka, which has received a positive response from the Sri Lankan leaders. We hope that the visit by Foreign Minister Samaraweera will be an opportunity for the two sides to exchange views on the development of China-Sri Lanka relations under the new circumstances and make a plan for high-level mutual visits and bilateral cooperation in various fields, in a bid to promote the China-Sri Lanka strategic cooperative partnership featuring sincere mutual assistance and long-lasting friendship.

Q: A group of internet researchers say that the US National Security Agency has been installing spying software in hard drives made by top manufacturers, an act that allows the US government to eavesdrop on the majority of the world's computers, including those in China. The US frequently criticizes China for hacking activities. Does the Chinese side believe it is ironic, since now it seems that the US is also involved in hacking activities? What is China's comment on the report?

A: I have seen the report you mentioned, but I am not aware of the specifics. The stance of the Chinese government on issues relating to cyber security is clear and consistent. We are against all forms of cyber attacks and activities creating hostility or confrontation in the cyber space. We hope that all parties can act upon the spirit of mutual respect and mutual trust, enhance dialogue and cooperation in the cyber space, properly deal with cyber security issues and make joint efforts to safeguard peace and security of the cyber space.

Q: Has the Chinese side sent anyone to attend celebrations marking the "Day of the Shining Star" in the DPRK yesterday?

A: The Chinese Embassy in the DPRK attended relevant activities in Pyongyang at the invitation of the DPRK side.

Q: ROK and Japanese media reports say that China, Japan and the ROK are in consultation over the hosting of a foreign ministers' meeting, and the final agenda is yet to be nailed down. What is China's position on that?

A: China-Japan-ROK cooperation is part and parcel of East Asia cooperation. The Chinese side sets great store by and works actively to promote the sound development of China-Japan-ROK cooperation. The three countries are discussing about hosting a foreign ministers' meeting in late March. Details will be announced in due course after an agreement is reached.

Q: Talks among eurozone financial ministers over the Greek debt issue ended without any agreement yesterday, which increases the possibility that Greece may exit the eurozone. What is China's comment on the lack of progress on this issue?

A: We have noted the report. Greece is a good friend and partner of China in the EU. We are willing to continue the mutually beneficial and practical cooperation with Greece in various fields and further promote the bilateral relations. The Chinese side supports the integration of Europe and welcomes a stable, united and prosperous EU. We hope that Greece can emerge from the current difficulties, the eurozone can properly handle the relevant situation and the integration process in Europe can move steadily ahead.

Q: The President of Sri Lanka who is visiting India has reached several cooperation agreements with the Indian side, including those on civil nuclear energy. What is China's comment on that?

A: Both Sri Lanka and India are important and friendly neighbors of China. We hope to work with India to further develop the strategic cooperative partnership for peace and prosperity. We also look forward to fostering the strategic cooperative partnership featuring sincere mutual assistance and long-lasting friendship with the Sri Lankan side. We hope that both China-India relations and China-Sri Lanka relations can maintain the sound momentum of development. Meanwhile, we welcome the constant growth of relations between Sri Lanka and India. If the three pairs of relations can promote each other through sound interactions, it will benefit regional peace, stability and development.

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