Chinese Government Helped Its Citizens in Tonga Return to China with a Chartered Plane

On November 22nd, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu briefed on the return of some Chinese citizens in Tonga through a plane chartered by the Chinese government.


Jiang Yu said that a large scale riot broke out recently in Nuku'alofa, the capital of Tonga. Chinese citizens were victimized in the local arson and robbery. Over 300 Chinese (mostly the elders, women and children) sought shelter in the Chinese Embassy in Tonga and requested to return to China as soon as possible.


The Chinese government is very concerned about the safety of Chinese citizens in Tonga. Emergency measures were taken by the Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Tonga to settle Chinese citizens and ensure their safety. A working group has been sent to Tonga by the Foreign Ministry, bringing food and daily necessities. They visited and consoled the Chinese citizens there and sized up the situation of the Chinese citizens.


Nowadays the situation in Tonga had eased to some extent, but some Chinese citizens are still suffering hardships and strongly desire to return to China. Given that, the Chinese government sent a chartered plane this afternoon to Tonga, in order to take the elders, women and children back to China via Fiji.


The leaders of Tonga visited and consoled the Chinese citizens in the embassy. The Tongan government provided necessary assistance to the return effort of the Chinese. The Chinese government is also grateful for the active cooperation and assistance provided by governments of other countries in this process.

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