Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao's remarks on the China-related Resolution Adopted by the US House

Q: It is reported that US House adopted a resolution concerning the Beijing Olympic Games, requesting the Chinese Government to stop "violating" human rights and end its support for the Governments of Sudan and Myanmar, so as to ensure that the Beijing Olympic Games take place in an atmosphere that honors the Olympic traditions of freedom and openness. What's your comment on this?

A: In disregard of China's firm opposition, the US House insisted on adopting the resolution proposed by a handful of anti-China congressmen, which has fully exposed their ulterior motives to politicize, disrupt and sabotage the Beijing Olympic Games. This action itself is a blasphemy to the spirit of the Olympics and runs counter to the aspiration of people of all countries including the US. We have made solemn representations to the US Administration and legislature, urging the US side to stop the unprincipled deeds of a handful of anti-China Congressmen by concrete actions.

To hold a successful Olympic Games is a century-cherished dream of the Chinese people, and also the shared aspiration of people all over the world. We are fully confident that we can make the Beijing Olympic Games a high-level sports event with distinguishing features under the joint efforts and support of the Olympic family. We urge a few anti-China forces in the US congress to make the right judgment and change their course to avoid further harming their images.

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