Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's Remarks on the US Statement about "World Press Freedom Day"

Q: On May 3, US President Obama made a written statement marking "World Press Freedom Day", criticizing some countries including China for restricting the freedom of press and speech. How does China respond to this?

A: Since the adoption of the reform and opening up policy, China's press undertaking has flourished with growing number of professionals. Chinese journalists enjoy full freedom to report according to law. Their rights and interests are protected by law. The Chinese Government protects its citizens' freedom of speech according to law and gives full play to the scrutiny role of the press and the public. Meanwhile, everyone is equal before the law and no one is allowed to break the law with any excuse. We urge the US side to respect the facts, have a correct view of press freedom in China, and stop unwarranted accusation of China.

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