Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's Remarks on the Work Done by China after Japan's Massive Earthquake

Q: What assistance has China rendered to Japan after the massive earthquake hit Japan?What measures have been taken to protect Chinese citizens there?

A: A 15-member rescue team sent by the Chinese Government arrived in Japan by a chartered plane at noon on March 13th for quake relief operation. Local provincial and city governments and civil groups of China also expressed condolences to Japan and offered their assistance.

After the massive earthquake hit Japan, Party and state leaders of China were greatly concerned with the safety of the Chinese citizens in Japan, and made important instructions and working arrangements. The Foreign Ministry initiated the emergency response mechanism immediately, employed every available means to collect information about Chinese citizens in the quake-hit areas through the Chinese diplomatic missions in Japan, relevant departments and local governments and asked Japan to provide active assistance for the affected Chinese citizens. Initiating the emergency response mechanism promptly, the Chinese diplomatic missions in Japan sent working groups to the disaster-hit areas at the risk of their lives to get first-hand knowledge of the safety situation of the Chinese citizens and go all out to provide assistance. The Chinese Foreign Ministry and diplomatic missions in Japan have opened 24h hot lines for assistance, and updated relevant information in time.

As regards the leaking problem of the Japanese nuclear plant, the Foreign Ministry reminds the Chinese citizens in Japan of taking safety precautions according to the relevant counter measures taken by the Japanese Government.

There were no reports of Chinese casualties as of 12:00 p.m. on March 13 Beijing Time. Considering the severity of the earthquake and the large number of the widespread Chinese nationals in Japan, the Foreign Ministry and Chinese diplomatic missions in Japan will continue to collect the informatilon of the affected Chinese citizens in Japan and get prepared to provide assistance.

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