Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan's Remarks on the Japanese Diet Panel's Resolution Concerning the Diaoyu Islands

Q: It is reported that the Security Protection Committee under the Japanese House of Representatives endorsed a resolution concerning the protection of Japanese territory on 30th, March, requesting the Japanese Government to strengthen its security around the Diaoyu islands. What is your comment?

A: The Diaoyu Islands and its adjacent islets have been China's territory since ancient time. China enjoys indisputable sovereignty over them no matter in terms of history or international law. The Chinese people's will and determination to safeguard the integrity of the motherland is firm and unswerving. Any attempt by the Japanese side to enhance its actual control over the Diaoyu Islands will be illegal and null. We strongly urge the Japanese side to proceed from the greater interests of Sino-Japanese relations, and refrain from taking any actions that infringe on China's sovereignty and further complicate the situation.

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