Happy Chinese Lunar New Year in a US Elementary School



As the Chinese Lunar New Year (Spring Festival) was drawing near, First Secretary Zhang Honglian and Second Secretary Zhou Jianfeng of the Chinese Embassy made a presentation on the Spring Festival at Hearst Elementary School on Feb. 5, 2016.


They extended New Year's greetings to the faculty and students, and gave a lecture on the cultural traditions of the festival. The Chinese diplomats explained the origins of the lunar new year and Chinese zodiac, and how Chinese people celebrate the festival. They also demonstrated traditional Chinese Paper-Cut art.


The cheerful lecture lasted for about one and a half hours. The faculty and students gained more understanding of the traditional Spring Festival. Students said that though ways to celebrate New Year between China and the US are different, the essence is the same -- to pursue happiness, joy and health. They thanked the Chinese diplomats for the wonderful presentation and hoped to have more such exchanges in the future.


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