Chinese Diplomats Talk with AMP Global Youth Global Scholars
--China Salon III Held in the Embassy of China

A group of Global Scholars from the AMP Global Youth paid a visit to the Embassy of China on July 25, 2016. They were warmly greeted by Second Secretary Liu Yuqing, and Second Secretary Luo Chunjian.


China’s development and achievement since Reform and Opening-up 38 years ago and China-US relationship was presented. Other topics such as China's role in the global community, the role of diplomats at the embassy, climate change, as well as Korea Peninsular nuclear issue were also covered.

Many participants found the discussion very helpful for their better understanding of China and its foreign policies. They also found that the workshop very inspiring, since many of them are quite interested in global affairs and foreign services.


AMP is an NGO which aims at building a peaceful, just and sustainable world shaped by the unique power, energy and creativity of youth. The global scholars participated in the visit come from 8 states of the US, India and Czech.



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