Minister Counselor CEN Jianjun Met with Students and Teachers from Wuhan Textile University

On July 26, Mr. CEN Jianjun, Minister Counselor for Education of the Embassy of China, met with 24 students and teachers from Wuhan Textile University at the Education Office of the Embassy of China in Washington D.C.


Minister Counselor Cen warmly welcomed the students and teachers and shared with the guests his experiences in promoting China-US educational cooperation and working as a diplomat in the U.S. He encouraged the students to seize the day and work hard to realize their dreams. He advised that during their study visit to U.S universities, they could observe and compare objectively the differences and similarities of the cultures and education of China and the U.S. Minister Counselor Cen also reminded the students their role as “ambassadors” that could contribute to the friendship between the two countries. Lastly, Minister Counselor Cen answered students’ questions on the bilateral relations and joint educational programs between China and the U.S. . The students and teachers thanked Minister Counselor Cen for his hospitality and spoke highly of this visit as very rewarding.




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