Chinese Young Diplomats Meet with Pepperdine University Students
-8th Session of "China Salon" Held in the Embassy of China


On May 19, 2017, a group of PhD students of the Pepperdine University visited the Embassy of China and had a discussion with some young diplomats from the Embassy on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and other issues.

The Discussion was moderated by First Secretary Li Panpan. First Secretary Pan Jiang, Second Secretary Deng Na, Third Secretary Gao Jin and diplomats from the Press and Public Diplomacy Section gave presentations on the Belt and Road Froum for International Cooperation, the progress of the BRI, and the opportunities of BRI for the US business. They also shared their views with the students on BRI's policy planning process, organization architecture and environmental standard, as well as the relationship between BRI and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

The students found the dialogue very informative and helpful for their better understanding of the BRI and China-US relationship. 



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