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China quake death toll rises to 69,130(06/06/08)

Special report: Reconstruction After Earthquake

    BEIJING, June 6 (Xinhua) -- The death toll from a massive earthquake in China increased by 3 overnight to 69,130 as of Friday noon, the Information Office of the State Council said.

    Another 374,031 people were counted as injured and 17,824 listed as missing in the 8.0-magnitude quake that jolted southwestern Sichuan Province and some other areas on May 12.

    A total of 46.16 million people were affected by the quake, according to the office.

    Hospitals had treated 94,774 injured people as of Friday noon, of whom 75,722 had been discharged and 16,463 were still being treated.

    By Thursday, nearly 1.13 million quake survivors had been found and evacuated.

    Relief supplies continued to pour into the quake zone. As of Friday noon, 848,800 tents, 4.76 million quilts, 13.28 million garments, 757,900 tons of fuel oil and 1.61 million tons of coal had been sent.

    The office said that as of Thursday, relief workers had built 33,900 temporary houses and another 17,900 were being put together, while the material for 72,000 makeshift houses had arrived in the affected areas.

    As of Friday noon, domestic and foreign donations had reached 43.8 billion yuan (about 6.3 billion U.S. dollars).

    So far, 13.5 billion yuan, in cash and materials, had been forwarded to the earthquake-affected areas, the office said.

    The government disaster relief fund had reached 23.215 billion yuan (3.34 billion U.S. dollars), including 18.699 billion yuan from the central budget and 4.516 billion yuan from local budgets.

    As of Friday, 3,967 enterprises have resumed operation in the quake regions, according to the office.

    The quake has so far caused more than 200 billion yuan of economic loss to the industrial and mining enterprises in the quake regions, with 1,489 firms remaining closed.

    The disaster also caused damages of various degrees to 169 cultural relics sites under state protection and 250 provincial-level ones nationwide, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage said Friday.

    Of the damaged relics, two were on the World Heritage List. In total, 2,766 pieces of relics were damaged, of which 292 were considered very precious.

    The central budget would earmark 6 billion yuan for the renovation of the damaged cultural heritage and architecture in the days to come, the administration said.

    In the 24 hours ended at noon Friday, 232 aftershocks were monitored in the quake zone, according to the China Earthquake Administration.

    Only one of the tremors measured above 5.0 on the Richter scale. Another one measured between 4.0-4.9 and all the others measured below 3.9.

    Since the primary quake, 10,650 aftershocks have been detected.

Editor: Du Guodong

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