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The Chinese Embassy in the United States hosted a reception – "Sichuan Earthquake: Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction(08/12/08)


On July 24th, 2008, His Excellency Zhou Wenzhong, Chinese Ambassador to the United States of America hosted a reception at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC in appreciation of the sympathy and support of the US Government and public for Sichuan earthquake victims. Over 400 guests from the US Government, business communities, NGOs, think tanks, media, the Chinese American, overseas Chinese and student communities attended the reception.

Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong made the opening remarks. USAID Administrator Henrietta H. Fore, President of the American Red Cross Gail McGovern, President of the US-China Business Council John Frisbie, Vice President of the US Chamber of Commerce Myron Brilliant, Executive Director of US Business Roundtable Larry Burton, Director of Samaritan Purse Ken Issacs, Vice President of R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center John Spearman and Director of National Zoo John Berry also spoke at the reception. The reception was presided over by DCM and Minister Xie Feng.

On behalf of the Chinese Government and people, Ambassador Zhou expressed appreciation to the US Government and people for their deep sympathy and generous assistance. He noted President Bush's personal visit to the Chinese Embassy to offer condolences and the outpouring of sympathy and donations from the American people, and stressed that the compassion and generosity of the US Government and the American people are an excellent portrayal of the good will and friendship between Chinese and American peoples and highly respected and appreciated by the Government and people of China.

Ambassador Zhou highlighted the major victory in the damage control and relief operations following the earthquake thanks to the strenuous efforts of the Government and people of China. He briefed the guests on the recovery and reconstruction program for the disaster-hit areas. He also expressed confidence that with the strong leadership of the Chinese Government, the efforts of the people throughout the country and the support and assistance from the international community, China will surely rebuild the beautiful home and host a special and high-standard Olympic Games with enormous enthusiasm and hard work.

USAID Administrator Fore gave a briefing on the USAID and business community joint fact-finding trip to Sichuan. She said she was deeply moved by the tenacity of the people in the disaster-hit areas and paid tribute to the rapid response and effective organization of the Chinese Government. She also stressed that the US side will continue to provide assistance to the reconstruction in the disaster-hit areas through the public-private partnership to help the people there build their homes and a better future. The representatives of the American Red Cross, US-China Business Council and other institutions spoke highly of China's relief efforts, talked about their respective cooperation with the Chinese side in the disaster relief and expressed their readiness to continue doing their best to assist in the recovery and reconstruction operations in the earthquake-hit areas.

Photos themed on disaster relief were exhibited at the reception and a multimedia documentary was shown. Students from the Sun Shine School of the Chinese Embassy and the Johns Hopkins University sang the song Let Love Fill the World together. The atmosphere of the reception was solemn, harmonious and touching. The guests were overwhelmed by the images of the epic moments, the tenacity and stamina of the people in the earthquake-hit areas and the humanitarian spirit displayed throughout the relief operations. They appreciated the opportunity to attend the meaningful reception, paid tribute to the undaunted and unyielding Chinese people and felt gratified at the outpouring of friendship between the Chinese and American peoples in the battle with a natural disaster. They also expressed continued care and support for the earthquake reconstruction and wished the Beijing Olympic Games success.



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