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China sets new world output record with super rice(11/10/04)

       China announced Monday that it set a new world record by harvesting 1,449.7 kg of rice from 101.1 mu (about 6.74 ha) of experimental arable land this year with a new super rice strain cultivated using aerospace technology.

The new rice strain, known as "Hangyou II-1," is cultivated by a panel of Chinese experts led by Xie Hua'an, a hybrid rice specialist and president of Fujian Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

    The record rice output was achieved in two growing seasons in the year, 928.3 kg for the first, which ended in August this year and 521.4 kg for the second, which ended this month, said Xie.

    Experts from across the country who specially gathered togetherin Youxi County, Fujian Province, where the experiment was carriedout, concluded that the new rice strain boasts features of higher yield and higher quality as well, and could be applied to larger area of paddy fields in southern China. 



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