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Chinese furniture facing high duties in US (10/11/04)

    China's furniture industry could face its coldest winter if it failed to stop the United States proposed anti-dumping duties.

    The US Department of Commerce has said it won't give the Chinese furniture industry "Market Oriented Industry" (MOI) status, Chinese furniture makers' last hope in overturning the anti-dumping duties.

    In June the US announced anti-dumping duties on 1.2 billion US dollars worth of imported wooden bedroom furniture from China, ranging from 4.9 to 198 percent.

    Chinese furniture makers negotiated with the visiting US Commerce officials in July and submitted the MOI application.

    Since China does not have "Market Economy Status" granted by the US, the industry has to seek MOI status to prove that their products are not selling below cost.

    No Chinese industry has gained their MOI status in the US, including the highly marketized furniture industry.

    Now some furniture factories in China are facing bankruptcy due to shrinking overseas orders while waiting for a final determination from the US by December 20.


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