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Chinese official condemns US anti-dumping ruling against Chinese furniture producers (11/11/04)

    An official with Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said on Nov. 11 that US anti-dumping ruling against Chinese furniture producers was "unfair," and breached agreements of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

    The official said that the furniture industry in China is a typical competitive industry. He stressed that Chinese companies' prices are decided by the market.

    He said the US Department of Commerce (DOC) did not consider the evidence provided by Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Light Industry and the furniture associations in its ruling. The US did not launch their own investigation and based its decision on statistics from a third-party country, the official said.

    According to China's knowledge, many US domestic furniture producers and retailers opposed the ruling and argued that the importation of Chinese furniture has actually increased the competitiveness of the US industry, the official said.

    The Chinese side hopes that the US International Trade Commission could make an objective and just ruling and offer fair treatment to Chinese enterprises, the official said, vowing that the MOC would watch closely on the development of the case.

    The US government upheld a ruling that Chinese bedroom furniture was being sold in the United States at unfairly low prices on Nov. 9. But it lowered the penalty tariff for 115 Chinesecompanies, accounting for roughly 65 percent of Chinese furniture imports, to 8.64 percent, down from the preliminary tariff of 12.91 percent.

    A smaller group of six companies accounting for roughly 35 percent of Chinese furniture imports will face penalty tariffs ranging from 2.22 percent to 16.7 percent.

    However, the new ruling will not become final until reviewed bythe US International Trade Commission.


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