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More business people to attend China export commodities fair (10/12/03)

The 94th China (Guangzhou) Export Commodities Fair, slated for Oct. 15 to 30, will attract a record high of 200,000 participating business people.

Su Yan, deputy director with the press center of the fair, said 360,000 square meters for product expositions or trade talks were set aside at the 94th fair, equivalent to 18,400 standard booths, a rise of 2,538 more than the last fair.

It will be the first such fair since the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak.

Apart from the increase in the number of participating business people the fair will also see a big rise in the volume of business deals signed, said Su.  

Business deals struck at every China Guangzhou export commodities fair, dubbed "the weathervane of China's exports", account for one third of the country's total national volume of exports via general trade each year. The fair is of great importance for China to increase exports.

The fair will highlight electronics, electrical appliances, textiles and garments, machinery, foodstuffs and medicine from October 15 to 20 and shift to office and outdoor articles, home furnishing, gifts, decoration, knitwear, horticulture, jade carvings, and jewelry from October 21-30.

Guangdong Province was one of the worst hit areas by the fatal SARS epidemic that was rampant between the end of last year and early this year.


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