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Vice premier says China to open wider to outside world(11/05/03)

 Chinese Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan said in Hong Kong on Nov.5 that China is to maintain continuity and stability of its economic policy and raise the overall scale opening to the outside world.
   Making a keynote speech at the opening of the two-day BusinessWeek CEO Forum, Zeng said China is to fulfill its commitments to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and ensure an equal status of various kinds of enterprises in business and trade.
   Zeng, also member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, said China is to further improve its investment and development environment so as to attract more direct foreign investment. 
   He said China is to perfect its socialist market-oriented economy system and seek the chance of global economic recovery and Asian economic development.
   The vice premier said China is to let entrepreneurs play a more active role in boosting the development of enterprises.  
   China is also to speed up the building of a nationwide unified, fair and transparent market and enhance vitality and competitiveness of enterprises, he said.  
   As for regional cooperation, China to promote multilateral and bilateral cooperation with regional organizations such as APEC, ASEAN and Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other countries in the region, the vice premier said.
   He said China is also to push ahead with the establishment of China-ASEAN free-trade zone and pan-Asian railway building.
   Zeng stressed that China has been making its due contribution to promoting common development among Asian countries.
   The major topic of the current BusinessWeek CEO Forum is "Leading the Borderless Corporation -- Managing for Innovation and Inspiration."
   More than 500 world CEOs and economic experts are attending the forum.

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