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EU-China relation never better: EU official (11/07/03)

"The EU-China relationship has never been better than today, which has become a strategic partnership going beyond traditional areas, like trade, investment and technical assistance," a European Union (EU) official said in Zhuhai,China on Nov.7.

Christophe Doucerain, of the EU Delegation of European Commission in China, spoke at the Forum on World Economic Development and Enterprise Credit, one of the three forums at the World Economic Development Declaration Conference held in Zhuhai.

Doucerain said the EU and China share the same vision of a multi-polar world, and both agreed to establish a partnership.

 "We are partners in technology, and China has already been our third largest trade partner," he said.

 Doucerain called the EU-China relation a "mature partnership", which included support of economic and social reform, human rights dialogue, and cooperation in all fields of government activity.  

 Economic exchanges between the two sides also strengthened the partnership, and helped achieve a mutually beneficial result, he said. 

 Doucerain outlined the next phase of cooperation between the EU and China, such as to strengthen bilateral technology cooperation, increase investment, expand bilateral trade, and undertake more responsibility in global administration.

 He said new policy dialogues will also be opened, such as dialogues on industry and intellectual property rights protection.

 Personnel exchanges and cooperation on education should also be strengthened.


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