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China to adhere to scientific development philosophy: official (11/07/03)


"China will do away with such a philosophy and keep to the scientific philosophy of development which puts the needs of human beings as high priority," said Ma.
   In line with rapid economic development, China will try to improve the education and medical care of its citizens and raise employment rates.
   According to Ma, such a philosophy also features well-coordinated development between urban and rural areas, and between different regions, namely, the eastern part and the western part.
   China has decided to adopt preferential measures to promote the development of rural areas and ensure that the lion's share of investment in educational and medical care in the next few years will be put in the rural areas, he added.
   Calling for coordinated growth of regional economy, Ma said the comparatively affluent east can take a lead in enjoying comparatively better-off life, but the country will continue its efforts to develop the vast western areas.
   "The scientific philosophy of development is also sustainable,"explained Ma, adding that the country will also coordinate immediate interests with long-term interests, and adopt the unity of speed, quality and benefits, as well as the conformity of population, the nature and the environment.


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