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Internet market promising(11/21/03)

   There is still a large market in the country for Internet information and broadband services, according to a report released on Nov.20 by the China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC).

    Average users send more than 10 pieces of information by the Internet each week and a majority, about 58 percent, spend less than 10 yuan (US$1.2) each month, said the report.

    The survey also found that most mobile phone users do not use Internet information services. Some 34.6 percent of them said "it is not necessary," 13 percent said there's "no interesting information," 12.2 percent said they "do not know how to use Internet information services" and 11.6 percent said "Internet fees are too expensive."

    People stayed off-line for several reasons, including: a busy work schedule; Internet use is too complicated; little knowledge of the Internet; the inconvenience of logging on; a lack of safety connected to e-mail messages; unused to relying on the Internet; fears that web information is false; and worries about computer viruses.

    The report is based on a survey of Internet users across the country.

    Not surprisingly, younger people made up the largest group of on-line customers.

    People aged 18-24 account for 32.8 percent of users. People in the 25-30 age bracket make up 29.1 percent, and those aged 31-35 account for 15.8 percent, while those over 35 make up 16.6 percent.

    Among broadband Internet users, nearly 71 percent use ADSL to log on and most of them pay the Internet connection fees for several consecutive months or years. Monthly payments for the average broadband connection is 92.3 yuan (US$11).

    Most broadband users are male technicians, staff in companies or administrative departments, or employees in tertiary industries and the commercial sector.

    Insiders of CNNIC said the many dial-up Internet users may switch in the future, so the perspective of broadband Internet service is promising.


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