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Property rights exchange hits record-high in Shanghai(12/05/03)

    China's metropolis of Shanghai has seen a record-high rise in property rights exchange this year, with the total trade volume reaching 152 billion yuan (18.3 billion US dollars), said the Shanghai Assets and Equity Exchange (SAEE) on Dec.5.

    The boom was attributed to the co-existence of various economies and a maturer and more regulated market in the region, said SAEE President Zhang Hailong.

    Figures by SAEE show that by Dec. 3, it had made 3,508 deals ofproperty rights exchange worth 152.13 billion yuan, up 3.39 and 39.54 percent respectively year-on-year.

    A considerably large part of the deals were made on the exchange of state-owned assets, especially on those made in their purchase of private assets, SAEE said.


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