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China concerned about US anti-dumping furniture probe(12/12/03)

China is extremely concerned over the US decision to initiate an anti-dumping investigation of wooden bedroom furniture exported from China, Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Chong Quan said in Beijing on Dec.12.

The anti-dumping case could affect China's exports to the US, worth one billion US dollars, said Chong.

China claims that the plaintiffs have no qualifications, which violates both American law and World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, said Chong. It is utterly unjustifiable that the United States regards China's furniture sector as a non-market economy sector and indicts Chinese products using data from a third country, Chong added.

China's furniture sector is mostly composed of private enterprises and joint ventures, said Chong, adding that he hoped that the United States would fulfill its WTO commitments and provide China's furniture sector with market economy status.

Chong stressed that this anti-dumping case, the biggest one China has ever encountered, will inevitably adversely impact normal China-US trade relations. China hopes the US side will correct its erroneous move, so as to safeguard the smooth development of bilateral trade ties, Chong said.

The US Department of Commerce decided on an anti-dumping investigation of wooden bedroom furniture exported from China at the request of some US furniture makers Dec. 11 (US local time).


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