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Senior official urges beefing up emergency response management (12/01/08)

BEIJING, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) -- Chinese State Councilor Ma Kai on Friday urged the country to improve emergency response management to protect national security, social stability and people's interests.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of a workshop on emergency response for provincial and ministerial officials, Ma said emergency response is an integral part of government work and all provinces and departments should improve their response mechanism and abilities.

He said China has preliminarily set up an emergency response system, strengthened links including monitoring and early warning, information reporting and publicizing, emergency response and aid, and implemented relevant laws and regulations in the past few years.

He added that more work is needed to be done in face of the complicated and volatile public safety situation.

He said in emergency response, principles of putting people first and prevention first should be adhered to.

China has encountered a series of emergencies this year, including the heavy snow storm in the south at the beginning of the year and the 8.0-magnitude earthquake that hit southwestern Sichuan Province on May 12.


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