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Wen Jiabao and Putin Jointly Meet with Chinese and Russian Entrepreneurs

On October 13, 2009, Premier of the State Council Wen Jiabao and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin jointly met with the Chinese and Russian entrepreneurs present at the China-Russia business summit forum in the Great Hall of the People, listened to their opinions and suggestions on strengthening China-Russia trade and economic cooperation and encouraged the businesses of both countries to reinforce cooperation, make innovation and raise the bilateral trade and economic cooperation to a higher level.

Wen said that the fruitful trade and economic cooperation between China and Russia has brought about tangible benefit to both sides, enhanced the mutual understanding between the two peoples and vigorously promoted the development of bilateral relations.

He noted that China and Russia, both standing at an important stage of development, have solid political relations, strong economic complementarities and geographic proximity. Their bilateral trade and economic cooperation enjoys timeliness, favorable geographical position and support of the people. He expressed hope that the entrepreneurs of both countries can seize opportunities, take a long-term perspective, play their advantages respectively and join hands closely to stride forward. At the critical moment of tackling the international financial crisis, the two countries should pull through together and engage in mutually beneficial cooperation. He indicated that the Chinese government fully supports businesses of both countries to expand cooperation and welcomes the suggestions and advices of entrepreneurs on the development of bilateral ties.

Putin said that Russia expects to work with China to translate the high-level political mutual trust into more pragmatic results. He indicated hope that entrepreneurs of both countries can strengthen communication and cooperation, cope with the international financial crisis jointly and rally the bilateral trade as soon as possible. The two sides should continue to push forward energy cooperation from a strategic point of view and at the same time improve trade structure, expand cooperation and boost mutual investment and local cooperation in order to consolidate the material basis of China-Russia relations.

Entrepreneurs of the two countries agreed that the steady development of China-Russia relations has created sound opportunities for their businesses. They hope the Chinese and Russian governments further perform the functions of offering guidance, making planning and providing services and create more favorable conditions for bilateral business cooperation. They will implement carefully the important consensuses and agreements reached between the two governments and further strengthen communication and cooperation, share opportunities, face challenges, seek common development and make greater contributions to the bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

Vice Premier of the State Council Wang Qishan and Minister of Commerce Chen Deming were present at the meeting.



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