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Instructions for Application Mail Services


Revised as of June 30,2008

1. Mailed Applications

  • The Chinese Embassy and Consulates-General only accept mail applications for  document authentication.
  • Mail visa application is not acceptable. For visa applications,applicants are required to come to the visa office, entrust a relative, friend, or travel/visa agent (no power of attorney is required) to come to the visa office for the application process.
  • Mail application should be sent to the Visa Office of the Embassy or Consulate -General whose consular jurisdiction covers your State, where the applicants live. You may check the Consular districts of the Embassy or Consulate-General to locate the the right Visa Office, otherwise, the documents shall be returned without processing.
  • Write down big letters "Authentication Application" or "Application" on the up-right corner of  your envelope, so our staff can easily sort out the mails and avoid any delaying.
  • Requirement for Return Envelop
    • A self-addressed pre-paid return envelop with sufficient postage must be included.
    • The following return envelops with tracking number/bar code are acceptable: Fedex, Express Mail, etc.
    • Meter stamped envelops, and certified or registered return mails are not acceptable.
    • The applicant shall fill in his/her name and address as the SENDER on the return envelop instead of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

2. Mail Back Service

  Applicants  who come to the Visa Office personally for application submission, may contact OASIS INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL for mail back service.

3. Processing Time

The processing time is 7 business days. No rush service is available. 

4. Payments

  • In addition to the application fee, a $5 handling fee per envelope shall be charged.
  • Please pay all fees incurred in mail applications (including walk-in mail-back applications) only by Money Order, Cashier's Check, or Company Check.
  • Personal checks, cash or credit card are not acceptable.
  • Please make the check or money order payable to Chinese Embassy.
  • All payments may be written in one check or money order.

5. Inquiry on the Status of Mail Application

   Do not make any inquiry regarding the status of your application within 15 days after the date of submission.

6. Additional information

  Please read the relevant application instructions, e.g. Authentication Instructions before submitting your application.

  The Visa Office is not responsible for the loss or damage or any mishandling of your mail by the post office, or other delivery services,  

   nor does any delay of the processing of an application due to lack of supporting documents or other unmeet reasons.


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