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Large oilfield discovered in NW China(11/21/03)

    An oilfield in north Tarim Basin, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has confirmed to have a huge reserve of oil and natural gas.

    The Tarim Oilfield Company announced on Nov.21 that the Yilake area at the Wensu county in north Tarim Basin has a reserve of 79.427 million tons of oil and 100.16 billion cubic meters of naturalgas.

    Sources indicate that the pool may be as large as 113 square kmand 300 meters in thickness.

    The Tarim Basin has a total reserve of 10.7 billion tons of oiland 8.4 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. So far, 27 pools have been discovered with reserve of 400 million tons of oil and 644.8 billion cubic meters of natural gas.


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