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US urged to punish officer for beating Chinese


   Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing and US Secretary of State Colin Powell had a telephone conversation on July 26 morning, according to the Foreign Ministry.

  Li reiterated China's position on the Taiwan issue, emphasizing that a country's national sovereignty and territory integrity overtops all else.

  He urged the United States to fulfill its commitment of adhering to the "one-China" policy with concrete actions.

  Powell said the United States will continue to observe the "one-China" policy and give no support to any attempts for "Taiwan independence".

  Li also urged the United States to carry out a serious and thorough investigation into an incident occurring on July 21 near the Niagara Falls at the US-Canadian border, when Zhao Yan, a Chinese business woman from Tianjin on her first US business trip, was reportedly attacked by officers of US Customs and Border Protection in disregard of normal checking procedures.

  Those responsible for the incident should receive legal punishment, Li said.

  Powell responded to Li's requirement, saying that he will inquire into the issue.

  Powell briefed Li on US stance on the Sudan issue and said he hoped the United Nations Security Council will take concerted actions on it.

  Li said China is very concerned with the Darfur conflict in Sudan and hopes that the UN Security Council will listen more to the voices of Sudanese people, the African Union and the League of Arab States so as to take measures that are helpful for an appropriate solution.



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