Minister Lu Youqing meets "Young Reporters Delegation" from Children's Daily

On August 2, Minister Lu Youqing met wtih "Young Reporters

Delegation" from Children's Daily at the Embassy. The

delegation, comprised of 29 members, was led by Mr. Du

Xiaofeng, Editor-in-Chief of Children's Daily which is

headquartered in Shanghai, China. Minister Lu briefed the

young reporters on the principle of China's "people-oriented

diplomacy" and work of the Chinese Embassy in the United

States, encouraging them to develop a patriotic heart and a

world vision, to study hard and to contribute to building the

motherland and promoting friendly exchanges between China and

foreign countries. Minister Lu also answered questions from

the young reporters. Mr. Wang Baodong, Press Counsellor of the

Embassy joined the meeting.

Prior to the meeting, the "Young Reporter's Delegation"

toured the Embassy. The delegation is invited to participate

in summer camps organized by the U.S. National Aeronautics and

Space Administration.

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