Minister Lv Youqing met with World Bank Senior Advisor Célestin Monga

On November 8, Minister Lv Youqing met with Célestin Monga, Senior Advisor of the World Bank at the Chinese Embassy and exchanged views on strengthening economic and trade cooperation between China and the World Bank in Africa and how to increase both economic and social benefits of the investments in Africa.

As an official from Africa, Mr. Monga had a strong feeling about the 500 years of colonial history of western countries in Africa and the 50 years of selfless help of China to Africa. He said that no western politician could undermine the deep friendship of the African people towards the Chinese people and no western media could delete the contribution that the Chinese government and the Chinese people made to the economic growth and social development of Africa. Mr. Monga briefed Minister Lv on the new strategy on Africa adopted by the World Bank and had an in-depth discussion with him on the economic and social problems African countries now facing, the focus of the World Bank in Africa and the potential cooperation between China and western countries in Africa.

Minister Counselor Liu Chenzi also attended the meeting.

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