Chinese Embassy Launches New Website to Guide Investment in the United States

On February 13, 2012, Chinese Embassy officially launched the website, "Guide to Investing in the United States". Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yesui and Assistant Minister of China's Commerce Ministry Yu Jianhua attended the press conference held at the Embassy and delivered remarks.

In his remarks, Ambassador Zhang Yesui pointed out that China-US relationship has become one of the most important and dynamic relationships in the world today. In January last year, during President Hu Jintao's state visit to the United States, he and President Obama reached an important agreement on working together to build a cooperative partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefit. In recent years, more Chinese companies have become interested in investing in America. The U.S. states and local governments are also enthusiastic in attracting Chinese investment. But Chinese investment in the U.S. is still at its initial stage. Many investors lack the understanding of the U.S. investment environment as well as relevant laws, regulations and procedures. Chinese investors keenly hope that both governments could provide more facilitation and services. Ambassador Zhang hopes the website could become a window that provides useful information to Chinese enterprises and contribute to the business ties between the two countries.

Assistant Minister Yu Jianhua said that the Go Global strategy was a strategic decision China has made to further its opening-up and engage in international economic cooperation. It is not only conducive to China's own economy, but is also in the interests of regional cooperation and the common development of the world. He pointed out that Chinese investment in the U.S. had developed rapidly in past few years with growing size, expanded areas and increasing diversity, becoming an important impetus and highlight in the mutually beneficial economic ties between China and the United States. The launch of the website demonstrates China's commitment to promoting investment in the United States, and also represents a concrete effort to provide better services for investors.

The website gives an overview of U.S. investment environment, investment procedures and other issues that Chinese investors may need to pay attention to. It has six chapters, including Brief Introduction to USA, U.S. Investment Environment, and Operational Guide on Investing in the U.S.. Eleven annexes provide information ranging from Chinese government's regulations on outbound investment to the profiles of the 50 states.

Users can visit the website directly at It could also be accessed from the Embassy homepage ( and the website of its Economic & Commercial Office (


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