Chinese Embassy Spokesman Mr. Wang Baodong's Response to questions by The Washinton Post regarding Current Situation in Urumqi, Xinjiang


People both Han and Uighur in Urumqi nearly a year after the 7/5 riots seem unusually nervous and unsettled and are especially scared of speaking with journalists. They say stability has returned but that people are overwhelmed and scared underneath the surface, especially with many people still detained or missing. A Uighur intellectual says that economic development programs won't solve Xinjiang's cultural and political problems. What's your comment on that?


The violent riots in Urumqi masterminded and organized by the separatist forces both outside and inside Xinjinag last July caused massive losses in human life and properties, which also left huge psychic trauma on the mind of many people of all ethnicities including the Hans and Uyghurs. This fully reflects the great harm done to the Xinjiang Autonomous Region by the splittist forces. The Chinese central government's decision to introduce a massive support package to improve people's living standards as well as ensure ethnic unity, social stability and security enjoys welcome and support by the people of all nationalities in the region. We're confident that separatist forces' attempt to undermine ethnic unity and social stablity is doomed to fail, and Xinjiang will enjoy a better future through joint efforts by people of all ethnicities in the region and the rest of the Nation.

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