Chinese Embassy Spokesperson Mr. Wang Baodong Responds to a Question by the Time Magazine regarding the U.S. Military Activities in the Asia and Pacific Region


Over the recent years, the U.S. has been gradually bostering its military capabilities in the Asia and Pacific region. As was reported, recently the U.S. and a dozen of its allies in the region conducted joint war games respectively off Hawaii and Singapore, and it also dispatched submarines armed with advanced cruise missiles to the region. Some American scholar believes that the U.S. is sending a signal to Beijing that it's determined to be the balancer in the region that many countries there want it to be. What's your comment on that? (The Time Magazine)


We've taken note of the relevant reports. At present, common aspirations of countries in the Asian and Pacific regions are seeking for peace, stability and regional security. We hope the relevant U.S. military activities will serve for the regional peace, stability and security, and not the contrary.

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