Spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in the U.S. Wang Baodong Makes a Statement regarding a Report on Tibet Related Issues Released by Human Rights Watch


Human Rights Watch has come out with a report saying the Chinese security forces used "disproportionate force" and acted with "deliberate brutality" during and after the protests in Tibet in 2008. What's your comment on that? (by The Washington Times)


Solid evidence demonstrates the March 14 riots in Tibet in 2008 were schemed and orchestrated by the Dalai clique aiming to take the Beijing Olympics hostage to force the Chinese government to make concessions to Tibet independence. The Chinese government was forced to take lawful measures to protect local people's life and property, restore social order and safeguard China's territorial integrity, which is fully supported by the Chinese people including the Tibetan compatriots.

Human Rights Watch has long taken a biased attitude of bigotry towards China, whose so-called report on Tibet is beneath refutation. We urge the organization to take off its "rose-tined spectacles" when it comes to China and stop fabricating papers that're aimed to boost the morale of anti-China forces, misleading the general public and vilifying the Chinese government.

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