Press Release :China Has Donated US$ 5 Million To the United States(09/09/05)

As another gesture of sympathy and friendship to the hurricane refugees, the Chinese Government donated US$ 5 million in cash to the U.S. Government on September 3. In addition, China sent a charter freighter plane carrying materials such as tents, small-size petroleum generators, bed sheets and children garment to aid the relocated refugees from the Gulf Coast. The plane, a Boeing-747 arrived at Little Rock on September 7.

China also stands ready to send medical teams and epidemic prevention personnel to the U.S. disaster-stricken areas if the U.S. Government thinks it necessary.

On September 1, the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) donated 100,000 US dollars to the American Red Cross (ARC), to help it with the relief work.

The following is a short list of the relief materials provided by the Chinese Government to the United States.

Tents                            1000

In which,

Tents for 5-7 people                 590

Tents for 12 people                  410

Small Size Petroleum Generators         600

In which,


1KW                                 300


3KW                                 300


Bed sheets                            24800


Children garment                      10000

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