Chinese Embassy Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Comments on Media Report "Chinese Hackers Hit US Chamber"

On December 21, The Wall Street Journal carried an article entitled "Chinese Hackers hit US Chamber". Chinese Embassy spokesperson Geng Shuang made the following comments on the report:

We take note that some US media recently published several reports about Chinese hacker attacks. None of these allegations is supported by facts and evidence. The Chinese government prohibits online criminal offences of all forms, including cyber attacks, and has done what it can to combat such activities in accordance with Chinese law.

Cyber attack is a transnational crime which cannot be addressed effectively by any country alone. It is the common responsibility of all countries to protect cyber security. China is a major victim of hacker attacks, and suffers from frequent attacks from abroad. The Chinese government would like to work with other countries including the US to explore effective ways to combat cyber attacks and protect cyber security based on the principle of equality, mutual respect and mutual benefit.

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