Ambassador Zhang Yesui Holds a Reception for U.S.-China Peoples Friendship Association

Ambassador Zhang Yesui held a reception for the U.S.-China Peoples Friendship Association (USCPFA) at the Chinese Embassy on April 26, 2012. President of USCPFA Diana Greer, Vice President of China-US People's Friendship Association Zhou Wenzhong and representatives from USCPFA chapters, who are in Washington, D.C. for the 20th Washington Seminar on U.S.-China Relations attended the reception.

In his remarks, Ambassador Zhang pointed out that China-U.S. relationship has become one of the most important and dynamic relationships in the world. The two countries have never been so closely interconnected economically and in terms of people-to-people ties. This relationship is not, and should not be a zero-sum game relationship. Both countries will emerge as winners if we work together as true partners.

Ambassador Zhang said that during President Hu Jintao's state visit to the United States in January last year, he and President Obama agreed on working together to build a cooperative partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefit, which not only serves the interests of peoples in both countries, but also contributes to world peace and development.

Ambassador Zhang stressed that given the differences between China and the United States, it is only natural that the two sides do not always see eye-to-eye on every issue. What is important is that both sides respect each other and treat each other as equals, strengthen dialogue and communications, properly address differences and work together to advance China-U.S. relations along the right direction.

Ambassador Zhang said that as one of the earliest organizations in the U.S. to engage in people-to-people exchanges with China, the USCPFA has played an important role in promoting mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and American people. Popular support is extremely important for the sustained development of China-U.S. relation. Only when people in both countries have strong willingness and take concrete actions to reach out and interact with each other can China-U.S. relationship gain a solid foundation. He also expressed the hope that the USCPFA will continue to contribute to the furtherance of China-U.S. cooperative partnership.

President Greer thanked Ambassador Zhang for hosting the reception. She said that this gathering, which coincides with the 40th anniversary of President Nixon's visit to China. is of special significance. When the USCPFA was founded 38 years ago, it took on the mission of promoting understanding and friendship between the American and Chinese people. This mission has not changed till today. USCPFA will continue to encourage the young generations in the U.S. to carry on this mission, and join hands with the Chinese people to take on challenges and strive for a better future for the two countries and two peoples as well as for world peace and prosperity.

Founded in 1974, the USCPFA is among the first organizations in the United States to promote people-to-people exchanges with China. It consists of nearly 50 chapters in four regions spanning the United States. On April 26 and 27, 2012, the USCPFA held the 20th Washington Seminar on U.S.-China Relations themed "Historic Friendship: Foundation for the Future".


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