NEWSLETTER Issue XIX of 2016


A key meeting of the Communist Party of China

Outlines new ideas on Party governance

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee convened a key meeting last week, approving new efforts to strengthen governance of the Party.

The sixth plenary session of the 18th CPC Central Committee is of crucial importance for the Party as stricter governance will standardize the Party's political life and strengthen intra-Party supervision, according to experts.



The session approved a document on norms of political life within the Party under current conditions.

Xin Ming, a professor with the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, said standardized intra-Party political life is fundamental to comprehensive and strict Party governance.

In 1980, the CPC introduced a document outlining the norms of intra-Party political life. However, the country and the Party have all sustained tremendous changes during the past three decades, indicating the need for new criteria.

The changes highlight principles such as maintaining close ties with the people, criticism and self criticism, democratic centralism, and intra-Party democracy.



The session also touched upon several issues crucial to standardizing political life, stating that intra-Party democracy is fundamental to the Party.

The meeting agreed that democratic centralism is a fundamental principle of the Party, an important institution that guarantee inter-party governance. The CPC also promised to address election malpractice, stressed integrity in promoting officials.

On the one hand, misbehavior must be curbed and seriously dealt with; on the other hand, officials who dare to take on challenges and responsibilities should be encouraged, said Wang Yukai, professor with the Chinese Academy of Governance.

A system should be created that tolerate mistakes made by officials who pursue reform and innovation, Wang added.



At the session, attendees approved a regulation on intra-Party supervision.

The communique released after the session stressed supervision as the fundamental guarantee for exercising power, as well as being a crucial measure for regulating political life. Supervision was one of the keywords at the session, and it appeared in the communique over 40 times. The session also called for engaging intra-Party supervision with the public.

Li Yongzhong, former deputy head of the Chinese Discipline Inspection Institute, said the new regulation would serve as a tool for intra-Party supervision, and bolster the inspection of Party committees, as well as encourage the public to take part in the anti-graft drive.

Li added that excessive centralized power and power abuse would lead to privilege and corruption. Therefore, keeping power controlled and improving the supervision of power is a must for the Party.



The communique called on all CPC members to "closely unite around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core."

A leading core is vital to a country and a political party. Since Xi took helm of the CPC in late 2012, the Party has achieved profound achievements in reform, development, stability, internal and foreign affairs, national defense, Party governance and state administration.

The reason the CPC has always been endorsed by the public and won victory in revolutionary struggles lies in its core of strong leadership, which leads the Party and people to progress constantly, Xin said.


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