Utah State Legislature Holds Official Citation Honoring The 35th Anniversary of U.S. - China Diplomatic Relations

The Utah State Legislature held Official Citation Honoring the 35th Anniversary of U.S. - China Diplomatic Relations at Utah State Senate on June 18. On behalf of Ambassador Cui Tiankai, Counselor Zha Liyou from Chinese Embassy witnessed the Citation and delivered a brief speech.

The Citation was hosted by President Niederhauser from Utah State Senate. The State Legislative Assistant read the whole text of the Official Citation and the Senate unanimously approved it by voice vote.

The Citation was jointly signed by President of Utah State Senate and Speaker of Utah House of Representatives. The main content of the Citation is as follows: Since the establishment of diplomatic relationship between the United States and China, remarkable fruits have been produced in U.S.-China relations. During the past 35 years, great achievements have been made in trade, investment, people-to-people contact, state-province exchange, education and many other aspects. Government, business and education leaders in Utah recognized the value of cultivating mutual relationship and Utah has enjoyed a vigorous and beneficial relationship with China. Mutual trust between Utah and China increased greatly. When honoring and commemorating the 35th anniversary of the U.S.-China diplomatic relationship, the Utah State Legislature wishes to thank national leaders of both sides for their vision and efforts in building and nurturing the great relationship between the U.S. and China. The Utah State Legislature is committed to bridging the two great civilizations and continuing to promote mutually beneficial relationship between Utah and China.

In his speech, Counselor Zha Liyou said China and the US have made outstanding achievements in vast areas in the past 35 years since the establishment of diplomatic relationship between the two countries. China is willing to enhance cooperation with Utah State Government and Legislature and other States and contribute to the establishment of a new model of major country relations free from conflict or confrontation, based on mutual respect and aimed at win-win cooperation.


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