Ambassador Cui Tiankai Welcoms the Visiting PLA Navy Task Group


On August 10, 2014, Ambassador Cui Tiankai went to San Diego to welcome the visiting PLA Navy Task Group 171. On the afternoon of Aug 10, Ambassador Cui, together with Vice Admiral Tian Zhong, Deputy Commander of PLA Navy, and Rear Admiral Shen Jinlong, Commander of the Task Group, attended the welcome ceremony held by the Third Fleet, US Navy. Rear Admiral Patrick Lorge, Commander of Naval Region Southwest, other US senior officers and over 200 representatives of the overseas Chinese community attended the ceremony.


RADM Shen pointed out that the purpose of the Task Group's visit to San Diego is to enhance the relations between the two navies, promote the sound and stable development of the military-to-military relationship, and provide important support to the development of the new model of major-country relationship & new model of military relationship between China and US.


In his remarks, RADM Lorge extended welcome to the PLA Navy Task Group for its first visit to San Diego in eight years and looked forward to enhancing the substantive exchange and cooperation between the two navies.

The Task Group 171 is composed of destroyer Haikou, frigate Yueyang and supply ship Qiandaohu. Before visiting San Diego, it attended the RIMPAC exercise in Hawaii, which is the first time in history for China. During its visit to San Diego, it will conduct exchange with the US navy in various forms.



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