China Salon XIII with Oriental Martial Art Show held in the Embassy of China


A "China Salon" was held on September 7, 2018 in the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the U.S. More than 140 people from different walks of life joined the event. An Oriental Martial Art Show was also performed by a visiting Chinese martial art delegation.


Minister Li Kexin said in his welcome remarks that many people hope China and the U.S. can come to good terms and support the growth of bilateral cooperation. However, China-U.S. relations now face some challenges. Some people take China as a rival, complaining China is ripping off the U.S., and it seems to be politically correct to guard against China. It is only natural that China and the U.S. have differences, but the key is to sit down and talk about them in a professional way and in good faith. It is in the interests of both countries to make the right choice on bilateral relations. Engagement and cooperation is the only way and will benefit all. As two great nations, China and the U.S. should work together to upgrade development, avoid confrontation, and pursue cooperation, in order to bring real benefit to the people.Minister Li said that rainbow can come only after the storm and expressed optimism about seeing the rainbow.


A panel discussion was moderated by Counselor Fang Hong of the Embassy and Mr. Greg Bland, CEO of “Embassy Experiences”. Minister Counselor Zhou Jingxing, Counselor Zhang Yan and Counselor Yu Ning from the embassy gave presentations on current China-U.S. relations and two-way trade, China's perspective on development and foreign policy, the Belt and Road Initiative as well as the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. They also answered questions on the Taiwan question, the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula, the South China Sea issue and China-U.S. trade disputes.

The audience appreciated the vis-a-vis opportunity with Chinese diplomats, which deepened their understanding of China’s development path and foreign policy, as well as the current and future China-U.S. relations.

The visiting Chinese martial art delegation brought a traditional oriental Kung Fu show with such programs as Shaolin boxing, Taiji Sword and Chinese Shadow boxing, earning a huge applause from the audience.

The China Salon program was initiated by Chinese Embassy in 2016 as a platform to communicate with the American public. The Embassy has held 13 sessions of China Salon up to now.


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