Showcasing Chinese culture, telling development story and building on people-to-people amity
---- The Chinese Embassy held an Open House event

On May 4, 2019, the Chinese Embassy in the U.S. took part in the annual “Passport D.C.” event organized by the Cultural Tourism D.C., opening its doors to the American public with a variety of exhibitions and performances rich in Chinese elements, which attracted nearly ten thousand Americans, making the embassy the hottest spot among all the embassies in D.C. Ambassador Cui addressed the welcoming ceremony and had cordial interactions with the American guests.


Ambassador Cui said in the speech that opening the Embassy to the public has made more friends for us in Washington D.C., and has deepened Americans’ understanding of China. This literal opening of our Embassy doors is symbolic of the opening-up policy which has indelibly advanced China’s development. During the 70 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we have achieved tremendous development. But this story is not about the spectacular – it is about people. Indeed, our development objectives are all about creating better lives for our people. It is hoped that starting from the visit today, you will continue to experience and explore more about a developing China with your eyes and heart, and work with us to nurture our friendship and mutual understanding in the future.

Ambassador Cui said, the Chinese civilization has shaped our proud customs and ideals. It features “HE”(和) and “HE”(合). The first means our pursuit of peace and harmony, and the second is about a culture growing with inclusiveness and integration. Imbued with the cherished traditions of our civilization, we have chosen and will keep to the path of peaceful development. We are committed to building together with other countries a community of nations with a shared future.

Ambassador Cui said, China and the U.S. established diplomatic relations 40 years ago, creating the crucial external conditions for China’s reform and opening-up and its subsequent rapid development. The overall stability of China-U.S. relations over the past four decades has been a blessing to not only our two countries, but the whole world. And the essence of the 40-year story is amity between the people, which lays the foundation for and shapes the future of our relations.

Tim Cox, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cultural Tourism D.C. said in his speech that the active participation of the Chinese Embassy in the annual "Passport D.C." is encouraging and exciting.The Chinese Embassy was the first embassy to open its doors on this day, and is one of the public’s favorite destination. He expressed sincere thanks to the Chinese Embassy for its elaborate preparations and efforts.


At the welcoming ceremony, in cooperation with China Daily, the Chinese Embassy held an award ceremony for "My China Album". Over the course of more than two months, hundreds of stories and photos across the U.S. reflecting the friendly exchanges between the Chinese and American people were collected. Ten winners are finally selected out of hard choices, who are from all walks of life across the country. The live broadcast of the winning photos and stories behind them moved everyone present, and the award ceremony brought the event to a climax.

On the day, the Embassy put on exhibitions on China's scientific and technological development and its cooperation with the U.S. in this field, on the 40th anniversary of China-U.S. relations, and on the "Belt and Road Initiative", which attracted many Americans and won their approving comments. A variety of show, such as guqin playing, calligraphy, the four treasures of the study, paper tearing, tea ceremony, martial arts, folk music, lion dance, tai chi, traditional songs and dances were demonstrated, which were very well received among the Americans. Many Americans were delighted to get the Chinese name written in Chinese calligraphy on the spot. The Chinese traditional cuisine made it possible for the public to experience "a bite of China" just in Washington D.C. “Lofty Mountain and Flowing Water” played on guqin, a piece about bosom friends, resonated very well with many Americans. The performance of martial arts drew rounds of applause and cheers from the audience. Long queues of people zigzagged waiting to enter the Embassy. People were fascinated by all the performances and activities, which deepened their understanding of and interest in China and the Chinese culture, and they were looking forward to coming with family next May. Many people expressed hope for an opportunity to share their own memorable stories of China-U.S. friendship in the future.

This year’s Open House has gain tremendous support from Cultural Tourism D.C., Huangshan municipal government, Huangshan Tourism Development Company, China Intercontinental Communication Center, China National Tourist Office in New York, Air China Office in Washington D.C., Representative Office of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, etc.


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