Ambassador Cui Tiankai Held a Reception for Students of the US Foreign Policy Colloquium

On the evening of May 28, Ambassador Cui Tiankai held a reception at the Embassy for Chinese students studying in the US Foreign Policy Colloquium.


Ambassador Cui expressed congratulations on the success of the Colloquium and appreciation to the National Committee on US-China Relations (NCUSCR) for its long-term contribution to the development of China-US relations. He pointed out that despite the complex bilateral relations at the moment, cooperation is the only right option for both sides. The two sides should, keeping to the direction of the leaders of the two countries, strengthen communication and coordination, expand cooperation in various fields, properly manage differences, and advance their relations based on coordination, cooperation and stability. Ambassador Cui encouraged the students to follow the spirit of President Xi Jinping's speech at the commemoration for the centenary of the May Fourth Movement, and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the sound and steady development of China-US relations.

The US Foreign Policy Colloquium has been held by the NCUSCR in Washington DC since 2003. Its aim is to help Chinese students studying in the US learn more about US foreign policy. The reception was attended by diplomats of the Embassy, Ms. Jan Beris, NCUSCR Vice President, and over 70 Chinese students from all across the United States.


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